Is Luxury Cars Safer Than Inexpensive Models?

There is a common belief that luxury cars are inherently more safe and secure than inexpensive cars. They have, by definition, higher standards of safety, specialized equipment and a superior design. Is this necessarily true? Let’s look at the safety record of luxury cars, and see if there is a link between quality, safety features and the value of the car.

Luxury cars are designed to provide greater passenger safety than the average vehicle. Research indicates that passenger safety standards on the road today generally lag behind those in place in decades past. While the majority of cars on the road are not equipped with the latest crash and safety systems, luxury cars generally have features that help prevent injuries in the event of a crash.

Are luxury cars safer than inexpensive models? Research has identified some advantages of owning luxury vehicles. Luxury cars tend to have higher seat positions, especially in the backseat. This positioning gives the driver more visibility to the front passenger, and more protection from the sides and rear. Luxury cars also typically offer more adjustable airbags, better passenger side airbags and front side airbags.

Luxury car models have higher seating positions and are designed with higher standards of passenger safety. Standard cars are traditionally built with lower seats and a lower floor, both of which pose potential risks to new and young drivers. Drivers often fail to reach their destination in a timely fashion. Luxury cars have higher floor areas, as well as more adjustable seats.

Do safety features make a difference when it comes to the value of a vehicle? In an emergency, it might be easier for you to get into a car than if you were to be in an older model. Luxury cars tend to have better suspension systems, better shocks and roll bars, and higher quality engines. Safety features are another reason why they are more valuable. If your car can’t swerve out of the way of oncoming traffic or stop in time for a school bus, it will cost you more to repair or replace than a less expensive standard car would.

Are luxury cars safer than inexpensive models? The safety records of luxury car brands show a statistically significant difference in the number of crashes that occur in luxury vehicles compared to other brands. Luxury car insurance companies report that claims from crashes involving luxury cars are far more common than claims made for more inexpensive cars. Are luxury cars safer than inexpensive cars? The final part of this question is “how much do they cost?”


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